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Thank you very much for downloading a seals surrender. As you a seal s surrender Download a seal s surrender or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please. A Seals Surrender - [PDF] [EPUB] A Seals Surrender Operation Nifty Package States Delta and Navy SEAL-operated plan conducted in Read online or download ebook A SEAL's Surrender pdf, Subject: Lieutenant Commander Cade SullivanStatus: On leave Mission: He's home to take care of.

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hot 5 tawny weber pdf ebook - boon blaze uniformly hot book 60a seals salvation uniformly hot 3 tawny webera seals surrender uniformly hot 2 tawny. Lieutenant Commander Cade Sullivan's commitment to the Navy SEALs is everything. But he's been summoned home to where his privileged family rules the. A Seals Surrender - [Free] A Seals Surrender [PDF] [EPUB] Operation Nifty Package was a. United States Delta and Navy SEAL-operated plan.

Us navy submarines list Us navy submarines list Contents. Navy must continually increase the stealth capabilities of its submarines in order to reduce detection of its fleet through the deployment of its Acoustics Superiority AS program. Though lacking Vertical Launch Systems, the Seawolf class has eight torpedo tubes and can hold up to 50 weapons in its torpedo room. Currently searching for a post-Navy job in the Denver, CO area. Navy, Tirante SS Greater Seattle Area. Attack Submarines - SSN. The US Navy should procure a fleet of diesel-powered subs. Command surface ships and submarines to land U. Navy's submarine force. The 'Secret' Submarines the U.

Here is an account of U. Add all three to List.

Navy submarine operations in the Pacific by the flag officer responsible for their direction throughout the war. Navy Submarines. States Navy. There are three major types of submarines in the United States Navy: ballistic missile submarines, attack submarines and cruise missile submarines. List of Shipyards which built Liberty ships and list of Liberty ships built by each yard. They can insert SEAL teams into hostile target areas, launch guided or ballistic missiles, take out enemy subs and ships, and perform reconnaissance and rescue missions.

The Ohio class is a class of nuclear powered submarines used by the United States Navy. The first submarine to dive, surface and be used in Naval combat, The U. The year marks the th anniversary of the U. List of best attack submarines in the world. There are three types of submarines in the United States Navy arsenal, however all require a nuclear power plant and highly educated and qualified personnel to operate these 2.

This is a list of submarines of the United States Navy, listed by hull number and by name. Navy submarines are among the most high-tech vessels in the world. Navy are peacetime engagement, surveillance and intelligence, special operations, precision strikes, battlegroup operations, and denial of the seas.

Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order 1-to-Z. Fleet Type submarines commissioned during the war years were: TORSK Lewellen while patrolling in the Sea of Japan on August 14, the day before the Japanese surrender , sank two frigates of about tons each. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Submarines of the United States This category is for submarines commissioned or otherwise operated by the United States Navy.

Eight nuclear submarines have sunk as a consequence of either accident or extensive damage: two from the United States Navy, four from the Soviet Navy, and two from the Russian Navy. For more than a decade, inadequate defense budgets and a high operational tempo have forced the U. Looking to work as either a The U.

Navy's nuclear submarines. We have potential positions available for all rates with the exception of Missile Technicians in both Shore and Sea duty commands. Submarine Duty.

Ballistic submarines are the ones that carry that load, so they are longer by about square feet compared to the others. Not only are diesels cheaper than nuclear-powered subs, but they have the advantage of being better platforms for many of the tasks the Navy faces today. Nov 26, This list of History's Worst 5 Submarines catalogues the worst of the. The eventual decision to repair the Miami and return it to service German diesel submarine.

Sure, we all served on them but do we know ALL of them? This comprehensive list all the classes of U. Fleet ballistic missile submarines are designed to carry and launch long-range strategic missiles. This prevented the enemy from using the sea and also allowed allied vessels to move about in relative freedom.

With a force of 74, civilian, military and contract support personnel, NAVSEA engineers, builds, buys and maintains the Navy's ships and submarines and their combat systems.

The term "submarine," as an adjective, simply means under the sea. These are the biggest submarines in the Navy. I then began the long search through all the sources at my disposal to try to find the answer. This is a list of submarines of the United States Navy, listedboth by hull number and by name. Mar 4, An untested American submarine captain teams with U. What we do know is that the accident sent the U. Navy is working to build three attack submarines in some years as opposed to two, and wants to keep five of its attack submarines in service longer than expected to address a dip in the Official website of the Naval Sea Systems Command NAVSEA , the largest of the U.

Return to the Modern Navy Craft Index. SS R Foundered 12 Jun Navy are nuclear-powered. Navy's submarines are nothing like the small, grimy diesel submarines you see in movies. The excellent website Naval Analyses Twitter , producer of visual aids that show U. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily primary operator.

The call for more warships is most popular, while a few more specific calls for improvement The U. They employed 78 midget submarines capable of And some of us are acquainted with the history of what was happening with Mussolini, Hitler, and the church. There were sort of a quiet pact that was made so that they would be allowed to regain their power again if they looked the other way when the powers, the axis powers of Italy, Japan, and Germany formed.

And what this did, Mussolini and the Pope, it basically gave the Catholic Church autonomy again, it made them a separate state, an independent government again where ambassadors from around the world would once again come to them and treat them as a country and not just a religion.

Once again his deadly wound was healed and all the world wondered after the beast. And speaks eight languages, he is the most widely traveled Pope, and has stood before more people physically than any other man in history.

I think not far behind is Billy Graham, did you know that? Would they invite any other church leader to do that? Or is it more than a church?

King Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Biblically, Babylon, was it a good kingdom or bad kingdom? Nebuchadnezzar, will he be in heaven? Yes, he will! Pope John Paul II could be in heaven, you all hearing me? And whoever follows him is gonna have their hands full trying to fill what they call the shoes of the fisherman. Now then it goes on to say the number of this organization can be identified with that mystic number six hundred threescore and six.

Where else do you find that Bible number? Number seven is a number for God, the number of perfection in the Bible. The number six is the number for man. How many would like to get that much of gold yearly? It was a symbol for the prosperity of man, the kingdoms of the world. Six-six-six picture for the kingdoms of man. Have you noticed the measurements of that image? You can look at that in the building of the sanctuary, even the ark, a lot of parallel dimensions there, which means it would be 60 by 6 by 6.

Prompta Bibliotheca, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, is a veritable encyclopedia of religious knowledge and will ever remain a precious mine of information. But you have it there in your screen some of them are very lengthy when you get into these encyclopedias.

You know how many crowns the Pope has? And some of them are priceless treasures. Now the Pope has got at least five or six different types of hats that he wears. And what is that add up to? You know I is one, V is how many? X is okay, and you can go on down like that. When you add up the Ro--and certain words had no numerical value, certain letters.

Download A SEAL's Surrender (Harlequin Blaze Series #739) ebook PDF

When you add that title up, what does it come to? But what was the official language and what is the official language of the Roman church?

And again in Greek, the Latin kingdom, and again this was used by the church to try to point to Nero. In Greek you add up in the Greek characters there is six-six-six. Someone added up Ronald Reagan a few years ago and they said it was six-six-six So you can do this, you can play that game with a number of things but not in this many languages. The odds start to drop. And again, now we go to Hebrew.

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Ahasueras: King, Persia; Nebuchadnezzar: King, Babylon; Pontius Pilate: Governor, Judea, when he sealed the tomb of Christ, that was on the seal, those three characteristics are gonna be in any seal. But a seal, would-- we all agree, it authenticates a document. It will have His name, His title, and His territory. Where in the sanctuary would you find the seal of God?

- Simple Community From Pdf Html Generate Dev

In the Ark of the Covenant. As the corporation is a separate legal entity distinct from its members and has the capacity to own property, to sue and be sued, it affords limited liability protection to its members. The corporation is not affected by changes in its members, be it due to death or any other reason. Therefore, it is easier to enter into a number of transactions in the name of the corporation such as, banking, owning real estate or signing a lease or contract.

As the corporation is a creature of statute, it is subject to some supervision by the Government of Ontario and it must conduct its affairs in accordance with the applicable statutes. For example, the constitution or by-laws of the corporation, the election of directors and the calling of meetings of members are all governed by the Corporations Act.

In addition, a corporation is required to report certain information on a regular basis to certain departments of the Government.


Failure to comply with reporting or disclosure requirements could render the corporation and its directors and officers liable to certain penalties, including the cancellation of the corporation. Not-for-profit corporations are organizations that carry on activities without pecuniary gain. They are all subject to section , which states:. Applications will not be accepted where the objects indicate that it is being incorporated for the purpose of profit.

One of the main differences between a charity and another type of not-for-profit corporation is that upon dissolution a charity is required to distribute its remaining assets to other charities, not to its members, whereas another type of not-for-profit corporation may unless prohibited from so doing in its charter or by-laws on dissolution distribute its remaining assets among its members. Also, a charitable corporation, because it usually solicits funds from the public and enjoys certain legal and tax advantages e.

The Corporations Act does not provide the Ministry with the authority to intervene and resolve internal disputes between members and its Board of Directors. It does provide members with various self-help remedies to ensure compliance with the Act. You may wish to consult private legal counsel in determining the appropriate remedies available to you. The Act section 13 1 a provides that a corporation shall not be given a name that is the same as or similar to the name of a known corporation, association, partnership, individual or business if the use of the proposed name would be likely to deceive, except where the existing corporation, association, etc.

The existing entity may also be required to dissolve or change its name. No identical names are permitted, regardless of whether consent is given or the existing entity changes its name or dissolves. Usually the most distinctive or unique names have a coined word as the distinctive element, for example:. Words that are coined using parts of other words, geographical location, numbers, initials and dictionary words make a less distinctive name, for example:.

Regulation section 5 provides that a corporate name shall not be too general. The reason for this prohibition is that corporate names that are too general tend to infringe on a number of existing names, are likely to contribute to confusion and unduly restrict or limit the possibility of using names in the future that otherwise would be available to the public except for the existence of the name that is too general.

A corporate name that is too general may be defined as a name that usually lacks the distinctive or descriptive element see Item 2. Example A: Example B: The Act clause 13 1 b provides that a corporation shall not be given a name that suggests or implies connection with the Crown or the Royal Family.

The onus is on the applicant to obtain such consent. The Act section 13 1 b provides that a corporation shall not be given a name that suggests or implies connection with any government or a government department, agency or activity without the written consent of the appropriate authority.

Certain other provinces restrict the use of the name of their province in a corporate name. Accordingly, where it is desired to use the name of another province in a proposed corporate name, the incorporators should first contact the Director, Corporations Branch or Registrar of Companies, as the case may be, of the province in question to ensure the name will be acceptable. A name is not permitted that suggests or implies a connection with the Crown or government or any department, branch, bureau, service, agency or activity of any government without the consent in writing of the appropriate authority.

In Ontario the name for a not-for-profit corporation may be in any language, provided that only letters from the Roman alphabet or Arabic numerals or a combination thereof, together with such punctuation marks and other marks as are permitted by Regulation O. The English language is an example of a language which uses letters from the Roman alphabet. Despite the above, the Corporations Act section 22 provides that a not-for-profit corporation may have a special provision in its Letters Patent or Supplementary Letters Patent allowing for the use of the approved corporate name in any form and any language.

In other words, an exact translation of the corporate name into another language may be used. This is permitted, provided that such form and such language are clearly set out in the special provision. The Regulation O. Here is a summary of such prohibitions and restrictions:. A corporate name shall not contain a word or expression, an element of which is the family name of a particular individual who is living or who has died within the previous thirty years, whether or not preceded by a given name or initials, unless the individual, his heir, executor, administrator, assigns or guardian consents in writing to the use of his name.

Certain limited exceptions are set out in subsections 6 2 and 3.

A corporate name shall not contain any word or expression in any language that describes in a misleading manner the activities or services in association with which the corporate name is proposed to be used.

A corporate name shall not exceed characters in length, including punctuation marks and spaces. When choosing the corporate name, consider the many and varied situations in which the corporate name will be used. For example, the name may be used visually on stationery, signs, uniforms, cheques, correspondence, newsprint, advertising, etc.

In each of these uses it would be to the advantage of the corporation to have a name that is memorable.

To this end, the name should be distinctive and short. Usually, a coined word or a dictionary word used in a fanciful sense quite different from its ordinary meaning can make a corporate name that is both distinctive and memorable. Using your imagination in coining the distinctive element and carefully searching the proposed corporate name will, in the long run, save you time and money. Accordingly, when your group decides to incorporate, the following steps are recommended for choosing a corporate name:.

You may save time and expense by checking the proposed name against this check-list. Remember, Search Houses charge a fee for each search of a proposed name. Accordingly, before requesting the required original Ontario-biased Nuans name search report, use this check-list to satisfy yourself that the name you have chosen does not conflict with the Act and Regulations. Check local telephone directories and the Internet for identical or deceptively similar names.

Consider degree of similarity of:. Do not complete the application for incorporation until you receive the name search report. The completed application must be submitted with the original Ontario-biased name search report. The name search report cannot be dated more than 90 days prior to the submission of the application.

For example, applications submitted on November 28 th could be accompanied by an original Ontario-biased name search report dated as early as August 30 th , but not dated earlier. Do not print any stationery, or order a corporate seal or enter into any transactions using the corporate name until the Letters Patent incorporating the corporation are issued.

At this point, you should consider whether the activities or undertaking of the proposed corporation may come under the supervision or regulation of, or be of interest to a Ministry or an Agency of the Government.

In particular:. Some Ministries or Agencies may require that you contact them prior to incorporation and some may also offer suggestions for drafting objects for the proposed corporation. Such consultation with the regulating bodies may, in the long run, save you time, inconvenience and expense. This is not an exhaustive list of instances where other Ministries are to be consulted.

The Application for Incorporation of a Corporation without Share Capital, Form 2 approved by the Minister as provided for in the Regulations to the Corporations Act , is available on the ServiceOntario web site at www. Detailed instructions for completion accompany each set of application forms and those instructions are not repeated in the handbook.

The information in this handbook is more general and is intended to clarify and supplement the instructions that are supplied with the application forms.

Every corporation is required to have a head office in Ontario section of the Act. This does not necessarily mean that a corporation must own or lease a special building or a suite of offices. The intention of the Act is to have an address formally designated as the head office of the corporation where certain records are kept and where the corporation may be reached by an interested party.

Some incorporators use their home address for this purpose and accordingly that address is set out in Item 2 of the application for incorporation. The first directors, not fewer than three section of the Act individuals named as directors in the Letters Patent, are the directors of the corporation until replaced by other individuals duly elected in their stead section of the Act.

The first directors of the corporation have all the powers, duties and liabilities of directors that are elected to the board. The office of director places on that person responsibilities and even liabilities. Directors and officers in exercising their powers and discharging their duties to the corporation have a duty to act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the corporation. They must exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances section Generally, no person is permitted to be a director of the corporation unless he or she is a member of the corporation, and if the person ceases to be a member, he or she automatically ceases to be a director section However, a person may be a director of a corporation if he or she becomes a member of the corporation within ten days after his or her election or appointment as a director.

If the person fails to become a member within the ten days, the person immediately ceases to be a director, and cannot be re-elected or reappointed unless he or she is a member of the corporation.

Subsection 3 of the Act sets out exceptions. A not-for-profit corporation may provide in its by-laws that a person may be a director of the corporation even though the person is not a member of the corporation.

A similar exception is set out for hospitals and stock exchanges. The principal objects, that is, objects which describe the primary undertaking of the corporation, should be the first statement, followed by secondary objects, if any. It is advisable to keep the objects statement short but broad in nature, except for charities, see Part 6 of this handbook , since a general object will include the particulars normally included in that sort of undertaking.

On the other hand, the objects should be sufficiently specific so as to avoid ambiguity. Clause 4, on the Application for Incorporation of a Corporation Without Share Capital under which the objects are set out i.

All not-for-profit corporations have the capacity, and subject to the Act, the rights, powers and privileges of a natural person section This ensures corporations have all the necessary powers to fulfill their objects.

Any powers to be restricted pursuant to subsection Not-for-profit corporations may also sell, lease, exchange or dispose of the undertaking of the corporation or any part of such undertaking, if authorized to do so by a special resolution section Within a reasonable time after it comes into existence, a corporation may adopt a contract made in its name or on its behalf before it came into existence.

Upon its adoption, the corporation is bound by the contract and is entitled to the benefits under the contract as if the corporation had been in existence at the date of the contract and had been a party to it; and a person who acted in the name of or on behalf of the corporation ceases to be bound by or entitled to the benefits under the contract section The applicants may ask to have embodied in the Letters Patent any provision that may be made the subject of a by-law of the corporation except for provisions concerning the term of office for the directors or providing for the election and retirement of directors in rotation.

In most cases it is sufficient to set out the special provisions in the by-laws rather than the Letters Patent as provisions included in the Letters Patent cannot be changed without filing Supplementary Letters Patent. All such provisions must fall within the scope of the Corporations Act. When an application for Letters Patent or Supplementary Letters Patent contains provisions that are not acceptable, the applicant is given an opportunity to revise the application. The Act sections 4, 5 and 9 provides authority for the Ministry to exercise discretion in reviewing applications and requiring revisions to proposed provisions.

Under certain circumstances an application for incorporation must be accompanied by supporting documents. For example where the proposed name of the corporation is similar to a corporation, association, partnership or individual, a consent of that person would be required. An application for incorporation is usually processed within approximately 6 to 8 weeks of receipt in the Branch. The Letters Patent will bear the effective date as of the date of delivery unless the application is returned for revision, in which case Letters Patent will bear an effective date as of the date of redelivery to ServiceOntario, provided the application is correct.

Lora Leigh - SEALS 03 - Reno's Chance

The expedited service fee is for the review of application by the end of the seventh business day following the day of the request. When documents are deficient, they will be returned to the client for amendment and the expedite service time no longer applies.

Once the corporation has received its Letters Patent, a number of essential steps are required to be initiated so that the directors may properly administer the affairs of the corporation. Among these steps are:. It is advisable to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in corporation law to ensure the corporation is properly organized and the directors understand their responsibilities.

By having the corporation properly organized, you should eliminate a number of potentially serious problems in the future. The above Acts are available on the ServiceOntario e-laws website at www. These are private publications and are usually available in the reference department of most public libraries. An annual meeting of the members of the corporation must be held not later than eighteen months after incorporation and subsequently not more than fifteen months after the holding of the last annual meeting.

Usually the directors are elected annually at the general meeting by the members of the corporation. Directors in office at the time are retired and, if eligible, may seek re-election to resume office for another year. Generally directors are elected by members, and officers are appointed by the board of directors.

The quorum for meetings of directors is a majority, unless otherwise provided for in the Letters Patent, Supplementary Letters Patent or in a special resolution of the corporation, and in any event shall not be less than two-fifths of the board of directors.

Within 60 days after the date of incorporation, the corporation is required to file an Initial Return see section 2 of the Corporations Information Act setting out the prescribed corporate information e. The appropriate form is supplied to you at the time of incorporation. Additional forms may be obtained in person from ServiceOntario and are also available on the ServiceOntario website at www.

For information about the Service Providers visit the ServiceOntario website at www. Ontario corporations also have the option of filing electronically through the Service Providers under contract with the Ontario government. Ontario corporations continue to have the option of filing a stand-alone CIA AR electronically through the Service Providers under contract with the Ontario government for any current or previous tax year-end:.

Ontario non-profit corporations will file their CIA AR to the Canada Revenue Agency together with their tax or charity return within six months after the end of their tax year.

Non-profit corporations will continue to have the option of filing a stand-alone CIA AR electronically with the Service Providers under contract with the Ontario government. The importance of submitting these filings cannot be over-emphasized. Failure to comply may lead to cancellation of the Letters Patent and dissolution of the corporation. Also, a corporation that is in default of the reporting requirements is not capable of maintaining an action in any court in Ontario in respect of business carried on by the corporation except with leave of the court.

Where a corporation is regulated or funded by a Ministry or Agency of the Government, it may be required to comply with other reporting requirements in addition to those contained in the handbook. There is no waiving of this statutory requirement section A not-for-profit corporation is required, among other things, to meet certain record keeping obligations such as:. For a corporation that was incorporated or continued under the Act before December 10, , this requirement applies to the corporation on or after December 10, For a corporation incorporated or continued under the Act on or after December 10, , this requirement applies on and after the day the corporation is incorporated or continued.

The name of a corporation is set out in the instrument of incorporation Letters Patent or if subsequently changed, in the instrument of amendment Supplementary Letters Patent and that is the name that the corporation must use for exception see paragraph 5. A corporation may apply for Supplementary Letters Patent to change its corporate name. A corporation may use a name other than its corporate name.

However, NO corporation shall carry on business in Ontario or identify itself to the Ontario public by a name other than its corporate name unless the assumed name is first registered with ServiceOntario section 2 1 of the Business Names Act. A corporation, which has registered and uses a name other than its corporate name is required to set out both its registered name and its corporate name on all contracts, invoices, negotiable instruments and orders for goods and services issued or made by the corporation Section 2 6 of the Business Names Act.

The number of directors of a corporation is established at the time of incorporation, being the number of first directors named in the Letters Patent. The board of directors of a corporation shall consist of a fixed number of directors not fewer than three subsection 2.

A corporation may by special resolution increase or decrease the number of its directors section A Notice of Change under the Corporations Information Act must be filed with ServiceOntario within 15 days of any change to the directors of the corporation see part 5. The location of the head office is established in the Letters Patent. However, a corporation may by special resolution see Part 5.

A Notice of Change under the Corporations Information Act must be filed with ServiceOntario within 15 days of a change to the head office of the corporation see part 5. If the corporation is, or after issuance of Supplementary Letters Patent, would be funded, supervised, etc. Applications to change the objects or special provisions of Non-Profit Charitable Corporations must be accompanied by evidence that the proposed change meets the criteria for charitable corporations as set out by the Charitable Property Program of the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee Ontario.

Although an organization may not qualify for charitable status, the non-profit-non-charitable designation may still be advantageous from a federal income tax point of view. For more information visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at: Corporations, whether share or non-share, which are exempt from both income tax and capital tax, are not required to file annual Ontario Corporations Tax Returns CT with the Ontario Ministry of Finance.

Exempt corporations are defined for income tax purposes under section 57 of the Ontario Corporations Tax Act the Act and for capital tax purposes under section 71 of the Act. Where a corporation no longer serves the purpose for which it was incorporated or where the members have lost interest in the corporation, it may be desirable for the members to terminate the existence of the corporation. To voluntarily dissolve a non-profit corporation pursuant to Section of the Act an Application for Surrender of Charter must be completed and submitted to ServiceOntario.

Charitable corporations must also obtain approval to the dissolution from the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee see part 6. These guidelines are intended to provide some basic information on incorporating a non-profit charitable corporation in Ontario.

The majority of Ontario charitable corporations are incorporated by Letters Patent issued under the provincial Corporations Act. The procedure for incorporating a charity under the Corporations Act is described in 6. There are two other ways to incorporate a charity. If you need further information, you may contact the responsible organizations at the addresses set out below. The provincial legislature can pass a private bill or special Act establishing a charity.

This procedure is generally more time-consuming than the two other methods. Today very few charities are created by a private bill or special Act of the legislature. The rules of procedure and the fees and costs related to applications for private bills are set out in the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly. Certificates of incorporation can be issued under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. Charities that operate or have property or offices in Ontario must also comply with Ontario law concerning charities even if they are incorporated under federal law.

Charities are a special kind of not-for-profit corporation. In order to be a charity, a corporation must meet the general requirements for not-for-profit corporations and some additional requirements. A summary of these additional requirements is set out below. The name of a charitable corporation must comply with the Corporations Act see Part 2.

A Seal's Surrender ISBN PDF epub | Tawny Weber ebook | eBookMall

The name should also describe the purpose of the charity. The name of a person or family may be included in the name of a charitable corporation that is not a foundation if the proposed corporate name has a connection with the objects of the corporation and a has through use acquired a meaning that renders the name distinctive; or b is of historic, patriotic or philanthropic significance. To receive and maintain a fund or funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefrom, from time to time, to charitable organizations that are also registered charities under the Income Tax Act Canada.

A foundation may have other object clauses in addition to the foundation object clause but at the very least should carry out the function of a foundation. The objects, or purposes, of a corporation are set out in one or more paragraphs, in the Letters Patent, called the object clauses.

The object clauses describe the nature of the work the charitable corporation will undertake. A corporation can carry out activities described in the object clauses. It can also carry out other activities provided they further the objects or are minor in relation to the activities described in the object clauses. It is not permissible to use the property of the corporation for purposes, charitable or not, which are outside the scope of the objects set out in the Letters Patent.

If a corporation is to be a charity its objects must be charitable in law. The legal meaning of charity is not the same as the popular meaning of the word. A charity, in the legal sense, must be set up to carry out activities that fall within one or all of the following headings:. It is important that the object clauses clearly describe the activities the corporation will carry out. It is not acceptable simply to reproduce the four principal headings of charity.

All of the objects of a charitable corporation must be charitable. A corporation which has some charitable objects and some non-charitable objects is not a charity.

Objects must be stated precisely so that it is clear how the property of the charity is supposed to be used. If it is not clear whether an object is charitable, the courts have decided that it will not be considered charitable.


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