The cousins odwyer trilogy book 2


    With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood, falconer Connor O'Dwyer is proud to call County Mayo home. Dark Witch: The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 1Audible Audiobook. Nora Roberts weaves together magic and love, dark and light, past and present, blood kinship. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Cabhan is coming. Despite the best efforts of Connor Book 2 of 3 in The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy (3 Book Series). Start by marking “Shadow Spell (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, #2)” as Want to Read: With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood, falconer Connor O’Dwyer is proud to call County Mayo home. I love Nora Roberts' books.

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    The Cousins Odwyer Trilogy Book 2

    #1), Shadow Spell (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, #2), Blood Magick (The Book 1. Dark Witch. by Nora Roberts. · 49, Ratings · 4, Reviews. Book Two of The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy Shadow Spell With the legends and lore of Ireland running through his blood, falconer Connor O'Dwyer is proud to. See the complete The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy series book list in order, box sets or omnibus editions, Shadow Spell - Book #2 of the Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy.

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    A circle that is about to be stretched out of shape—by a long-awaited kiss. She has the eyes of a gypsy and the body of a goddess…things Connor has always taken for granted—until his brush with death propels them into a quick, hot tangle. Frustratingly, Meara is okay with just the heat, afraid to lose herself—and their friendship—to something more. But soon, Connor will see the full force and fury of what runs in his blood.

    Fang-tastic Fiction: Nora Roberts: THE COUSINS O'DWYER TRILOGY

    Dark Witch. From her maternal grandmother, she learned where to find both: County Mayo, to be exact. And since family is family, they invite her into their home and their lives. When Iona lands a job at the local stables, she meets the owner, Boyle McGrath. Iona realizes that here she can make a home for herself—and live her life as she wants, even if that means falling head over heels for Boyle.

    Ok, the rhyming spells sometimes sound a little corny but we have plenty to distract us from that. Boyle and Branna are preparing for their wedding while Meara is fighting her attraction to the dark, brooding loyal Connor, the bird of prey whisperer as hard as she can.

    There are also some interesting questions raised as to whether non-witches Boyle and Meara are treated as if an underclass with a disability as well as a demonstration of how past experiences affect future plans.

    Between the love and the fantasy we also see glimpses of Ireland: the craic, the music, the food and the drink. Although it's disappointing that everyone seems to drink lager rather than the black stuff which makes its only appearance in a pie but I shan't dock star ratings for it! If you fancy a complex plot with deep meanings and much to ponder, this may not match your mood. If, on the other hand, you crave escape from the cares of your day and the darkening winter afternoons, step inside.

    Thank you, Piatkus, for providing us with a copy for review.

    Further Reading: If this appeals, do please read Dark Witch first. Before they leave, Sorcha prophesies, "You are the Dark Witch, one by three.

    This is my gift, and my curse. Each of you is strong, and stronger together. One day you'll return. Sorcha then dies, believing that she has killed Cabhan.

    Unfortunately, Cabhan survives and grows stronger and darker over the centuries. Beginning with chapter three of Dark Witch, the time period switches to 21st century Ireland, where a young American woman, Iona Sheen, has come to introduce herself to her distant cousins, Branna and Connor O'Dwyer.

    All three are descendants of Sorcha's children—the three of Sorcha's prophecy. The two Irish cousins have been practicing witchcraft all their lives, but Iona has had only a few brief lessons from her grandmother.

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    It was Iona's grandmother who gave her a copper amulet with an engraving of a horse on it and encouraged her trip to Ireland. Now that the three are together for the first time, Sorcha's prophecy begins to come true. The series will tell the stories of the three cousins and their three good friends as they find their mates and try to destroy Cabhan once and for all.

    The Kinkade comparison even plays into the series theme of light winning over darkness, since Kinkade proclaimed himself to be the "painter of light. The setting comes directly from any cozy mystery you have every read or from a Kinkade painting : a lovely, picturesque village filled with quaint cottages with light shining from their windows and surrounded by verdant meadows and lush forests.

    The locals speak in a charming brogue and dispense wisdom to one another even if they are sometimes unable to live their own lives wisely.

    Shadow Spell: The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 2

    In other words, it's a novelistic soap opera—a complete fantasy world that never rings true to life. As she walks through the woods, she has her first run-in with the evil Cabhan, although she doesn't realize it at the time. The early chapters follow Iona as she meets her cousins and their friends, begins a job at Boyle and Fin's stables, starts to learn some real witchcraft, and falls head over heels in love with Boyle.

    Iona is superb with horses—both as a rider and as a horse whisperer who can communicate with them on all sorts of topics.

    The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy by Nora Roberts

    Sprinkled through the love story are scenes related to Cabhan. Sometimes he jumps out at Iona in the shape of a wolf, and sometimes he comes to her in dreams. Mostly, Cabhan is a lurker and a skulker, creating drifts of fog and speaking in disembodied voices. When he does appear, he makes rather half-hearted strikes against Iona, but even in the early chapters when she has few witchy skills, she is able to defend herself.

    Other scenes involve the six friends' strategy meetings as they make plans to take down Cabhan at the height of the summer solstice. The love story moves along a relatively smooth path until Boyle a stereotypically gruff and commitment-shy Irish bachelor panics and accuses Iona of casting a love spell on him.

    Even then, Iona is—as always—quite reasonable in her reaction to Boyle's accusation. Like many fictional heroines, Iona has had a problematic childhood, but her problem is not all that tragic.

    Apparently, her parents didn't pay much attention to her when she was a child—didn't attend her sporting events and refused to allow her to embrace her witchy, Irish heritage. Now that she is in Ireland, she loves every single thing about County Mayo and plans to live there forever. Iona's friends tease her about her constant babbling, and they definitely have a point there.


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